Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals and ambitions. We go the extra mile to ensure your success working alongside you and your business providing effective and on-time solutions leaving you free to execute other important issues maintaining a continuous and healthy work flow.

Please read the accountants testimonials below to see how we’ve worked with others.

Here in Leeds Local Business Team, we pride ourselves on delivering a fantastic service to our customers, and on matching our range of products to their needs. Although we are, at least on paper, just a place to put money, we strive to be so much more than that, providing additional services through ourselves or through our partners.

With those principles in mind, I would like to express my gratitude to you for the assistance you provided with a recent customer.

The person came to the bank looking to borrow money to start up a business but, although he had a great idea and the necessary skills, his financial planning was not exactly of a professional standard. I referred him to you and, after just one consultation, you had provided him with the correct guidance to plan out his cash flow business plan. Armed with this, his application was far stronger and, as a result, we both got a new client, and he was able to begin his new business.

This is just the latest example of a Barclays Customer who has come to you and been full of praise for your personal and personable style, your knowledge and expertise, and you single-minded pursuit of saving money.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to my customers, and I thank you for all your help.


Gareth Allen

Business Development Manager, Barclays Bank Plc

PDM are the leading professionals in electronic document management. Our products and
services provide saving in time and money to our clients, and we are focused on customer

When we required the services of an accounting professional, we had this level of service as a

This requirement was some twenty seven years ago, and longevity of our business dealings is
really full testament to service we have received.
We actively recommend J S White & Company Limited to friends, colleagues and business

Andrew P Thirkill

Managing Director, Professional Document Management

Being self-employed, I’m very familiar with the many challenges I have to overcome to maintain
a profitable business.

Jonathan has been my accountant for many years now and has provided great support not just
with tax affairs for my business, but with other business advice in other areas of my life. Each
year, we discuss my accounts and every time, he has not just listened to my business needs but
has given sound advice in maximising my profits and reducing my costs.

He has a wealth of knowledge and passes this on in an easy to understand way, providing me
with a sound set of accounts which often reflect the results of his advice.
He never keeps me waiting, is very professional and I will always spread the word and highly
recommend him to others.

It’s true. It’s not how much you earn, it’s how much you keep.

Thank you

JSWhite_- David Shaw Creative Garden Design

David Shaw

Owner, David Shaw Creative Garden Design

JEM Associates are always delighted to recommend Jonathan and his team on to our friends, colleagues and business associates whenever the opportunity arises.

When given the opportunity to deliver our testimonial to their skill and dedication we are always happy to report that the team at JS White and Co are always proactive in their communication with us. They speak to us in terms we can understand, and advise us both of the opportunities available to us, and, any areas we should be concerned about in a calm and reassuring manner.

Jonathan’s generous nature is reflected by every member of his team, as his in depth knowledge of accounting.

Whilst Jonathan’s mantra may be “it’s not how much you earn, it’s how much you keep”, having our back office tax affairs in such capable hands has allowed JEM to concentrate on both our Gross and our Net profitability.

J&S White and Co are brilliant business partners.

Chris McPhillimy

Director, JEM Associates

Dear Jonathan

I just want to say a huge thank you for the work you did for me on my accounts this year.
This is the first year I have used you as my accountant and even though I have doubled my
turnover from last year you have managed to work your magic and I am actually paying less tax than last year.

I am so glad I made the decision to move to you this year for my accounts and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to all of my family and friends in the future.

Many Thanks

JSWhite_Me Smarter

Sophie Purnell

Mortgage Advisor, Me Smarter Mortgages

As a business owner, being able to surprise my customers with a great service means a lot.

It is also very refreshing to experience the same in return from other businesses and business owners.

Jonathan has been my accountant for several years now. Choosing him over my previous accountant has without a doubt saved me thousands of pounds. He has a very refreshing approach and a huge understanding of my own financial affairs.

In my opinion, he stands out above the rest because he really listens to what you want. He takes it in, understands it and produces results which go above and beyond any expectations I may have had.

I always receive a great service and get the best financial advice every year, and this year has been no exception.

After further investigation into a previous VAT return, he managed to retrieve a further £650 on top of other savings within the same tax year.

I will always recommend you to anyone who has an accountant, as they need you whether they think so or not. It’s a fact, and in his own words, “it’s not how much you earn, it’s how much you keep”.

Thank you Jonathan,

JSWhite_- David Shaw Creative Garden Design

David Shaw

Owner, David Shaw Creative Garden Design

As a specialist Leadership trainer, focused on helping businesses to deliver fantastic customer service supported by the development of exceptional leadership skills, I know that taking great care of your customers is core to great business.

I thought that I was happy with my Accountant, but decided that I had nothing to lose by letting Jonathan and his team look over my accounts and see where their calculations of my tax liabilities came out.

I was really impressed with the amount of time Jonathan’s colleague Victoria took to understand my business and to make sure that I was recording my transactions correctly. Her patience, understanding and guidance have really made a difference to how I feel about managing and recording business transactions. I have a lot more confidence in what I’m doing and have made some changes to how I manage money coming through the business.

The outcome of this extra focus and understanding is that my tax liability for my second year in business has dropped from over £2000 to £820 – a fantastic result!

I am very grateful to you for the service you provide – and have no hesitation in recommending J S White & Co Ltd to others.


Jayne McPhillimy

Director, JEM Coaching Limited

JS White and Company Limited have been our accountants for the last fourteen months. Jonathan and all staff are very professional, very courteous, have a good understanding of all business and personal requirements regarding all issues. They are very customer focused, pro-active and issues are dealt with in rapid time.

Does your Accountant cost you anything? The answer is NO as JS White and Company Limited have achieved ten times the cost to our Company in savings and we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending JS White and Company Limited to any perspective Clients.

If you require a first class Accountant and Staff who are able to deal quickly, efficiently and save you money then JS White and Company Limited covers all the elements.


Gary Shaw

Steven Shaw, Pickles Roofing

I run a busy and successful digital marketing company which relies on us providing a smooth running and effective customer experience and on us doing what we promise we’ll do for our customers. We have a strong desire to help our clients in their businesses, and we expect the same level of support and service from our suppliers.

When I was introduced to Jonathan White of JS White and Co Limited accountants, he promised that he could help us keep much more of what we earned from the tax man. Jonathan made it very easy to move our accounts to him and after I’d given him my accounts very late (just two weeks before the filing deadline) Jonathan pulled out all the stops and created my personal and company accounts well within the filing deadline.

Not only that, but during our meeting just prior to my accounts being filed, Jonathan explained something that had been obvious to him, but which hadn’t been obvious to my previous accountant: that I had been overpaying the Inland Revenue and was due a £3,600 rebate!

I urge anyone who wants to explore how to keep more of their earnings and pay the tax man less to book a half hour appointment with Jonathan. It may well become the most profitable half hour you’ll ever spend.


Ian White

Director, Bluehoop


Our business began quickly from a standing start 2 ½ years ago and at the beginning we approached a local accountant and we believed we had nothing to complain about. I was inputting the figures and our accountant produced our books — wasn’t that all that was involved?

Approaching our second year end we were faced with a larger than expected tax bill from our accountant, which we were resigned to, until Jonathan offered a business appraisal at one of the meetings in December.

We arranged a 1-2-1 and within 10 minutes Jonathan had given me far more advice than my own accountant had given me since 2011, including a projection of where our business should be heading in the future.

Obviously we asked Jonathan and his team to take over our accounts and as soon as he had our books, they were analysed with his expert eye. We were given so much help and advice, resulting in our end of year accounts being reorganised, making us a huge saving on our tax return of almost £11K.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jonathan as in my opinion his knowledge and care is second to none and his team are completely approachable and friendly every time you need to contact them.


Karen Fisher DipFD

Fisher Funerals, The Funeral Parlour

I would just like to thank you for all the work you have done for me over the past 2 years. As you know I had to let my company go into liquidation through a lot of bad debt owed to the company. You invited me to your office to have an informal chat over a coffee sometime before this happened and you gave me great reassurance that you would help me in what ever I decided to do.

Once I had made the decision to liquidate you referred me to a contact of yours who looked after everything which put my mind at rest. My company was liquidated with debts owed to companies including yourself but you did not just walk away from me and black list me NO you rang to ask me if you could help me out with my Tax Return for this year.

With my new business starting to grow you have helped me get a Tax Refund to help me move forward of which I’m very grateful as I didn’t expect anything.

I know how much work is generated through referrals and references and that is why I have written this so that all your BNI members and guests know what sort of accountant you are, whether it be a large or small business you always help, you are there for advice or an informal chat over a coffee. Nothing is too much trouble and you’re a genius when it comes to numbers and Tax Returns.

You are the Carol Vorderman of the accountancy world (you just haven’t got her looks).

A huge thanks goes to Ivan Crabtree who referred me to you when I told him I was looking for a new accountant.

And finally to quote one of your sayings ‘no matter what happens in business, cream always rises back to the top’.

Bryan Umpleby

As Chartered Architects, we expect to receive the highest professional service and
standards from our own professional advisers. We can say without hesitation that JS White & Co Ltd, Chartered Accountants, do exactly that, but also go way beyond.

Most ordinary accountants we have appointed in the past, simply do our books annually with little regard for the health and profitability of our business. JSW & Co Ltd ore no ordinary accountants, they have a genuine interest in our business wellbeing, us personally and take time to get to know both, hence they get a clear understanding of any business issues, our goals and aspirations.

They use this in depth understanding together with their second to none knowledge and expertise of the UK tax system to great effect, thus save our practice substantial sums every tax year, thank you.

We would have no hesitation recommending JSW & Co Ltd to any of our clients or friends


Patrick A Barrett, BA arch, Dipl arch, RIBA

Barrett + Barrett Architects Ltd

As a Consultant Solicitor working with Ison Harrison Solicitors, which is a large practice of solicitors based in Leeds City Centre and with other offices in the Leeds suburbs, I need to be certain of the competence and service provided by my contacts when recommending them to my clients, family and friends.

Some time ago friends of mine who have a small business selling scooters mentioned that they needed some help with their tax affairs as they were struggling with the book-keeping and dealing with H M Revenue & Customs. I therefore recommended them to Jonathon White.

Jonathan has been such a great help to them and they have been effusive in their praise of him and his firm – they received a wonderful service and were really pleased by the helpful attitude that Jonathan and his staff showed. The reorganisation of their affairs which has been carried out has altered how they deal with their business income and expenses and has led to a large tax-saving and Jonathan has also improved their Vat position saving them money which can now be re-invested into their business making things much more secure for their family financially.

I can therefore heartily recommend Jonathan to you and to all my clients, friends and contacts for his effective and helpful advice on their tax and business affairs.


Christina Morley

Ison Harrison Solicitors

I instructed Jonathan to do the Self Assessment tax returns for myself and my husband.

I have always visited the accountant with apprehension when being told the tax bill results for the year but added to that, this year the self assessment wasn’t straight-forward either. However, Jonathan explained everything in great detail, highlighting the optimised tax savings and gave us excellent advice for putting tax planning in place in order to maximise the amount we keep for the next tax year.

Jonathan’s Inland Revenue knowledge and advice on tax planning reassured us that we are in safe hands from now on.

I just wish we had met Jonathan years ago

We fully appreciate the work JS White & Co have done for our tax affairs and I would not hesitate to highly recommend them to friends, family and colleagues.


Carolyn Hayhurst

Business Owner, Forever Living

As a busy Letting Agent we have many sub-contractors that do work for us on behalf of our Landlords and Clients. I recommended your company recently to a Roofing Contractor who was struggling with his accounts, getting fines and paying too much tax.

All his expectations were totally exceeded! He is now up to date with his tax affairs, not getting fines and paying much less tax than he was before.

I would like to take the time to provide you Jonathan and all your staff at J S Whites Accountants this testimonial in appreciation for the excellent service your company has provided Decorating Systems UK LTD

Your experienced staff, informed us of all of exactly what we needed, reminded us in plenty of time for us to have everything in promptly and then efficiently and diligently did their best for us.

Needless to say it wasn’t what I earnt, but what I kept that kept a smile on my face!

Decorating Systems UK LTD absolutely do recommend you to all our contacts.

Decorating Systems UK LTD

Daniel Birrane

Director, Decorating Systems UK LTD

As a busy Letting Agent we have many sub-contractors that do work for us on behalf of our Landlords and Clients. I recommended your company recently to a Roofing Contractor who was struggling with his accounts, getting fines and paying too much tax.

All his expectations were totally exceeded! He is now up to date with his tax affairs, not getting fines and paying much less tax than he was before.

It’s a wonderful thing when you can recommend a service to a client or supplier and get a five-star rating, and with that in mind I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending JS White and Company Limited to my Clients, Suppliers, Family, Friends and Colleagues who need a top notch accounting service.


David J Harris

Managing Director, Harris Real Estate Services

The work carried out by EDT Security is technical and demonstrates that companies and individuals trust us with their businesses, homes and personal property. We can never betray that trust.

Consequently, when we introduce other companies I must be sure that they are as diligent and trustworthy and enhance the trust placed in my business by my clients.

I was recently informed that I would be getting a VAT audit by HMRC. Luckily, I had fee protection from JS White & Co. That meant that, all the costs from the preparing for the audit would be covered. This was only the half of it. The staff at JS White were fantastic, pulling together all the relevant information and paperwork in anticipation of the audit. Sitting down with the auditor and going through process, leaving me to carry on with business as usual. On completion of the audit, not only did JS White & Co. reduce my outstanding VAT bill by 90% but, because of the fee protection service, saved me nearly £2000 in fees.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending JS White Chartered Accountants and their amazing team to my other clients and contacts in the future.


David Tilford

Director, EDT Security Solutions Ltd.

Marketing Doctor prides itself on delivering a first class service, every time and over the past few months I’ve found another company who match our standards, so it is with great pleasure that I’d like to recommend JS White and Co Limited accountants.

I’m a creative marketer, and keeping track of my finances doesn’t come naturally to me, so when I first went to see Jonathan, my accounts were looking, shall we say, slightly unstructured.

He has a highly organised and specialist team behind the scenes who help to manage every aspect of your financial system, including salaries, VAT and corporation tax, making them seamless. And of course headed by a knowledgeable man who is obviously very experienced in his field. After two meetings with Jonathan, I now feel that we’re on track, but most importantly, back in control of the company finances. I would wholeheartedly recommend JS White and Company Limited accountants to all my friends and associates. In fact, I have already done so.


Frances Day MCIM

MD, Marketing Doctor

As a Business Coach my first interest is to maximize the returns my clients can get from their business and to safeguard their business interests.

Recently I asked for your help with a client that required a valuation for their company in order to effect a change in ownership between the partners. The timings for this were very tight with the partners wishing to come to an agreement quickly. However, this is not always easy to do in a limited time frame since financial valuations need to take into consideration a number of factors such as trading history, balance sheet statements and asset register. Plus, an assessment of the business operations itself and other factors that affect the company’s forward earnings potential. So, this was a complex assignment to be undertaken under pressure of timescales and the owner’s expectations.

This note is to say thank you for exceeding the demands made. Not only was the valuation done extremely professionally, explaining all the rationale behind the numbers, in the time period. The additional time and personal commitment you gave to my client was exceptional with a resolution made possible for a change of ownership terms within a week of your recommendations.

Thank you for your help and assistance and I can wholeheartedly recommend your services to others looking for accountancy, company valuations and related services.


Clive Sury

Certified Business Coach, Action Coach

My company New Concept Signs is now in its 15th year of trading, we are bespoke sign & graphic manufacturers that pride ourselves on the quality of our work. In February of last year we joined BNI & it was immediately obvious that Jonathan could offer us much more of a valued service than we had had to that point, in fact I had a brief conversation with him when I attended the visitors day & that set the cat amongst the pigeons.

In April last year Jonathan & his team became our accountants, he was taking up the baton at our most fragile time since my business started. As with many companies associated with the building industry we have seen a marked down turn in trade in the last 2 years & this had seriously effected our turnover / profits. Although I have employees the companies legal entity is that of a sole trader & therefore we pay tax on account, which is ok as long as you don’t have a bad year on the back of a very good year, Jonathan took up the reins & advised us accordingly of how to move forward, we appealed our tax on account & have now received a £4000.00 rebate.

As well as the number crunching, Jonathans’ other services include worry management, regular metaphors & analogies, as well as plenty of plain speak to tell you as it is in layman’s terms.

In a nut shell JS White and Company Limited have done more for us in the last 10 months than our other accountants have in 14 years.

I can therefore without hesitation recommend Jonathan to the members of this group & their associates for accountancy & taxation advise.

He does exactly what he says on the tin.


Gary Wade

Proprietor, New Concept Signs

When I started in business nearly 3 years ago, I had people telling me ‘you need a good accountant, a good IT company’. For those of you who know me know that I hate numbers and authority and that includes the Tax Man, so I knew if I did nothing else I was to find myself a good accountant. I think my first referral was to Jonathan.

This year, like the previous year, you have sorted out my numbers and even when HMRC decided I owed them money you sorted it and I don’t have anything to pay. You are a genius don’t ever change!

You treat all your clients as if they are your only client and it’s appreciated. Jonathan will tell you his clients would rather pay him than HMRC. Well I know I would! Thanks to him, it really is, ‘It’s not what you earn that matters its what you keep’. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan and his team. Their expertise is second to none. I don’t always recommend people l just meet. I also recommend friends because I know they will be treated well. I had a phone call yesterday from a previous work colleague who spoke to Jonathan this week and she said his advice was invaluable and she will definitely be using JS White and Company Limited next year, when she takes her company limited.

J Scargill

Director, Crystal Clear

At J’s Plasterers we are growing at a considerable rate and we decided our next step would be to become a limited company, so I approached JS White and Company Limited to assist us.

I found them to be very knowledgeable and the advice they gave me was priceless. All the staff were great especially Julie and Denise who took the time to contact me regularly with assistance, they were always one step ahead of me and made sure they took all the stress away from me.

I have been overjoyed with the service I’ve received from JS White and Company Limited and I have, and will continue to, recommend them to others.

Jamie Orr

Director, J's Plasterers

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