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Maximising Tax Refunds for the Trades

Having past the 5th April tax year we are starting to see a steady inflow of sub-contractors with their paperwork. These include subcontract site workers like electricians, plumbers, plasterers, bricklayers etc. You can usually tell them as eat double bacon and egg...

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Do You Feel that You’re Paying Too Much Tax?

Did you know that higher rate taxpayers shoulder the burden of two thirds of Britain's entire income tax bill even though they represent just 16 per cent of the population? This group, earning £42,000 and above pay 67% of the income tax, despite being outnumbered by...

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Are You a Higher Rate Tax Payer?

I recently met with a client who wanted to set up his wife in business. He was a higher rate tax payer and suggested the business should be in her name. However - the business was set to break even in its first year. So we set it up in his name. He will employ his...

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Self Assessment and Your New Year’s Resolutions

We are just over a week into 2016 and many people are going about their daily business, putting into action the New Year's resolutions they made at New Year. Aren't they the same all the year? - quit smoking, find a new job, spend more time with family, lose weight...

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A Finance Director that you pay by the hour.

Two of our meetings this week were with our larger clients with sales of £4-6 Million. For these clients, we act as pseudo Finance Directors, advising on a wide range of issues. These typically include: Tax planning to avoid not evade tax Financial planning to raise...

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How to Get the Maximum Funds Out of Your Business

I would like to talk about good remuneration planning. How to get the maximum funds out of your business for the minimum cost. To do this well you need to balance taking income via dividends, benefits-in-kind and salary. This is a complex calculation as there are...

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