Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance experts are qualified to a very high standard to offer advice and guide your business to maintaining a healthy balance between a positive cash flow and adequate working capital whilst providing a reasonable return on investment.Key points to remember to ensure continued growth and the smooth running of the business are:
  • Directors drawings
  • Shareholders dividends
  • Debt repayments
These all need careful orchestration to ensure the business is not jeopardised in any way.
Provision needs to be made for possible external changes in the market such as economic downturns, fluctuations in interest rates or exchange rates also internal changes with perhaps the temporary or permanent loss of key employees, it is equally important that any finance raised by the business are indeed made to work for the business. A keen, professional eye is required to achieve these objectives to develop and constantly adjust an appropriate, flexible financial structure.
You may at some point require special financial arrangements for potential business expansion, mergers and acquisitions, in which case we can assist in the preparation of business plans, identifying and approaching suitable lending institutions all of which require expertise and professional insight to achieve the best possible results.
Call us today on 0113 391 9990 to discuss how we can assist you with your Corporate finance – we are here to help and happy to do so.

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