We are just over a week into 2016 and many people are going about their daily business, putting into action the New
Year’s resolutions they made at New Year.

Aren’t they the same all the year? – quit smoking, find a new job, spend more time with family, lose weight … most of  which will be broken by the end of the month.

As accountants, we are working hard to help our clients achieve their aspirations in their business, this week, this month and all year long.

This includes working with our clients to advise them of pending deadlines like the Self-assessment Filing Deadline on
31 January.

Helping to avoid penalties by making things happen, supporting our clients to help them achieve their goals in growth, profitability and tax minimisation.

This means that we don’t just make idle promises for a week or two, we work hard to help our clients every day of each month for the whole year.

Are you looking for a refreshing change to an accountant who cares, supports and adds value to your business?

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