Retirement Strategies

Ensuring adequate income for your retirement requires careful planning and professional advice.
In today’s society more and more people are supplementing their pension provision with other sources such as savings products, investments and property acquisition, this in itself is complex with all related tax and financial implications which require detailed and timely advice.
Life assurance provision, long-term care and medical insurance all need careful consideration in order to maintain your expected quality of life throughout your retirement.
If you are a business owner, decisions need to be made on when you plan on retiring, should the business be passed onto other family members of indeed should you sell out? Preparation for your exit strategy needs timely consideration in order to optimise your tax position.
All options available need to be carefully examined and a balance between high and low risk exposures is paramount in maintaining flexible financial options in relation to pensions, savings, investments and insurance.
Planning well ahead is the key to peace of mind; it is never too early to make these decisions.
This again is a very complex area and we encourage our clients to seek professional advice throughout.
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