business plan

I would like to talk to you about books and records

Not paperback or hardback novels or antique round things you put on a turntable, but the method you record your income and expenses

Not many people appreciate but it is the law that a taxpayer must keep suitable records, for 6 years.

We will help anyone to set up the right system for their business which best suits their needs which could be

  • A fully computerised system
  • An off the shelf package such as SAGE Quick Books etc.
  • A home built spread sheet
  • An old fashioned paper cashbook system or
  • A stick it in a carrier bag and hope it goes away system

Which is the best system? Well it depends.

Clearly the last one is no good but all the others work to some degree.

We will look at a system and help to simplify it to make it provide the information needed as efficiently as possible.

Do you need help with setting up your accounting system?

Profits are as a result of efficiency. Efficiency is a function of controls and controls begin with a good system.